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Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

Educate. Empower. Repeat.

We are a global network of young changemakers. Join us in promoting equal rights and active citizenship, and building a future free of discrimination, prejudice and injustice.


Inspired by Anne Frank’s diary and life story, our work connects young people, providing us all with the tools to take action and realize our own projects to create meaningful social change. The Anne Frank Youth Network is an initiative developed by the Anne Frank House.

"How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
- Anne Frank, 1944

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN


Watch Party. Empow(h)er

22 May 2024 / Online / 5pm CET

Watch Party. Media and discrimination

4 July 2024 / Online / 5pm CET

AFYN (RE)ACT International Youth Forum Summer 2024

24 - 30 July 2024 / Offline

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

2.082 AFYN members

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

22 countries

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

652 projects completed!

Meet the members

Get to know Keyci, Amjad and Milica, three AFYN members who channel Anne's legacy into shaping the world around them.

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

Keyci Campos Mesén

Costa Rica

"The cultural exchange, ideas and actions in each meeting is incredible, without a doubt it is one of my favorite things, because many times we need the opinion of people who live in contexts different from ours."

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN


From Syria, now living in the Netherlands

"When I joined the AFYN, I was new in the Netherlands, and it was my very first time participating in a group with Dutch youth. It was one of the best experiences, as I found a place where I felt safe and welcome like never before."

Anne Frank Youth Network | AFYN

Milica Petrušová


"Ever since I finished guiding the exhibitions, I wanted to do more. I feel like especially young people can give so much to the world, they just need a little push and someone who believes in them."

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